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Carol Leigh's New Book,
Nature Provides Dyes for Rainbows
is now available for purchase for $39.95 (SC) & $49.95 (HC).
"It's a workshop approach for obtaining Rainbows of Color"
Call 573-874-2233

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directly to this book's purchase page  in our WebStore

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Carol Leigh's Specialties / Carol Leigh's HILLCREEK FIBER STUDIO is the source for all your Spinning, Weaving, Natural Dyeing, and Instructional needs! And it's the HOME of the Spriggs Adjustable 7-ft Triangle and Rectangle, and 5-ft Square Frame Looms!

"Back to Basics, Naturally" 
Established in 1982, celebrating our 34th year in business

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A Spriggs 7' Adjustable Triangle Frame Loom on a folding tripod Tri-Loom Stand. Click for larger images and more information. A Spriggs 5' Adjustable Square Frame Loom on a folding tripod Loom Stand. Click for larger images and more information. A Spriggs 7' Adjustable Rectangle Frame Loom on a folding Tripod Stand. Click for larger images and more information. Nested 2' & 3' Travel Tri-Looms Travel Square & Triangle Looms 2' & 3' Travel Rectangle Looms

This image from our Workshop Video " Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic for Shawls, Blankets,Jackets and More " shows Carol Leigh weaving on a Spriggs Adjustable Triangle Frame Loom. Click here to go to the Tri-Loom Video page. Carol Leigh's unique "Celtic Mist" Tri-Loom woven Jacket. Click on this image to go to more "Celtic Mist Jacket" pictures A front view of the "BexShelLaura-Jacket Pattern". Click here to see more of this and other patterns. Spriggs Travel A-frame Navajo Looms. Designed by Carl Spriggs for table-top use, they collapse for easy travel with your project still on the loom.Click here for more information. Old-style Reeves SW Bobbins. HFS's Carl Spriggs is the "official" reproducer of old-style Reeves spinning wheel bobbins. Click here for more information. Carl Spriggs developed these small looms to enable Carol Leigh to teach the concept of "continuous strand weaving" on both the triangle and the square in as little as one hour.

 Carol Leigh's new Book "Nature Provides Dyes for Rainbows of Color". Click for a larger image and more information. Carol Leigh's 468 pg book on weaving on various types of frame looms. Click for a larger image and more information.

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