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Carol Leigh and weaving students at the Alafia Rendezvous in Florida
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TheBasket Man hand makes woven hardwood maple wood baskets. The baskets are not wicker but split woven wood hampers, pie takers, chests, picnic, gardening, trapper, step, pack, laundry, pannier, bushel, half bushel, umbrella baskets and many more. His patio furniture is make of oak and designed of the 1700 style. The folding tables are made of linden. He also offer both solid color and striped knee high socks.

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The bluffs and bottomland of the Missouri River in central Misouri are home to our family and our flock of naturally colored sheep. That's what Genopalette means; a palette of sheep-created colors.

Colored sheep are rare. Among predominant wool breeds, only about 1 in 1,000 occur naturally. For centuries they have been culled because of the difficulties posed by colored wool to industrial wool mills. However, intrigued by the unusual beauty of these naturally colored sheep, a few pioneering shepherds worldwide produce small amounts of colored wool. 

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The Columbia Weavers and Spinners' Guild is organized to support education in the skills of weaving, spinning and other fiber arts and to promote the appreciation of these arts and crafts in central Missouri.

The guild was founded in 1947 as the Columbia Weavers Guild and specialized in weaving alone. Since our founding we have grown to encompass other fiber arts such as spinning, dyeing, felting, papermaking, knitting, basketweaving, quilting and surface designing, etc. Now called the Columbia Weavers and Spinners' Guild, we welcome weavers, spinners and fiber enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. Members include beginners, hobbyists, professionals, and teachers.

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John Mullarkey (who authors the Malarky Crafts website - click on above image) recently was a student in Carol Leigh's Navajo Weaving Workshop here at Hillcreek Fiber Studio. He created a page on his website that contains comments, observations and pictures of his experiences at that Navajo Weaving workshop:

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