Spriggs Navajo Looms, HFS- Mini Navajo-style Looms, & Navajo Weaving Tools/Accessories

We offer a wide range of Navajo Looms - from the Extra Large Navajo Loom down to the small table-top A-frame Navajo Loom, plus a wide array of Navajo Tools & Accessories. And now we offer our HFS Mini Navajo-style Loom Weaving Kits

Cedar Navajo Looms are deeper and taller to allow for a longer warp over the top bar and down the back side, or to accommodate two weavings, one on front and one on the back. All of our Navajo looms now break down for easy transport (illustrated assembly instructions included). Custom loom sizes are available upon request. Now available - - the Travel-size A-frame Navajo Looms designed by Carl Spriggs for table top use.

Spriggs Standard Navajo Loom

35 inches wide by 46 inches tall (maximum weaving size 30" x 34").
Loom includes 5 hardwood dowels.

Spriggs Large Cedar Navajo Loom


Option 1: Finished - add $30


Spriggs Extra Large Cedar Navajo Loom


Option 1: Finished - add $35

Spriggs Travel-size A-frame Navajo Looms

Available in two sizes:
      Small - - - - 21"x18" overall, 14"x16" weaving size - -  $109.00
      Medium - - 32"x18" overall, 22"x16" weaving size - - $129.00
Each loom comes with 3 dowels and a tightening cord.

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Snipes X-Large Batten, 2-1/2 to 3 Width

Select desired size(s)

Snipes Large Batten, 1-1/2 to 2-3/8 width

Select desired size(s)

Snipes Medium Batten, 1 to 1-3/8 width

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Snipes Small Batten, 1/2 width

Select desired size(s)

Snipes Mini Batten, 1/4 width

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Snipes Traditional Combs

Shaped on both sides

Snipes Navajo Traditional Combs

4 to 6-prongs per inch

Select width: 1", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3"

Snipes Short Combs

1" to 1-1/" width

Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut priced at $13
Exotic woods are priced higher - contact us for details

Shown in Bloodwood

Spriggs Navajo Spindles

available in Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut

Select wood color

Snipes Navajo Spindles

Available in various woods,

removable whorl

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