Spriggs 7-ft Adjustable Rectangle Frame Looms

Carl Spriggs has developed a frame loom which will adjust to 17 different sizes of rectangles, all of which feature the length being some multiple of the width, thus allowing for using the Continuous Strand Weaving Method.

Spriggs 7-ft Adjustable Rectangle Looms

Spriggs TriPod Loom Stands

with five weaving heights. Legs fold in for transport or storage

Pair of HFS Matching Tri-Loom Shed Sticks

Large: 38"; Small: 24"

Available in these wood colors: Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut
Select desired wood color

Locker Hook

nickel plated

Continuous Strand Weaving on Rectangle Frame Looms - DVD

A NEW Hillcreek Fiber Studio "Workshop" Video - DVD (37 Min)

Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser, Instructor
Rose Brack-Kaiser, Videographer