OTHER CRAFTS: Basketry, Beading, Braiding, Etc.

The Art of Netting

By: Kliot

Beading on a Loom

By: Pierce

Beading with Brick Stitch

By: Fitzgerald

Beading with Herringbone Stitch

By: Star

The Best in Contemporary Beadwork, Bead International 2000

Creative Kumihimo

By: Carey

Crow Indian Beadwork, A Descriptive & Historic Study

By: Wildschut & Ewers

Fun with String

by: Leeming

Indian Basket Weaving

The Navajo School of Indian Basketry

Indian Basketry

by: James

Kumi Himo, Techniques of Japanese Braiding

By: Kliot

Locker Hooking, An American Perspective

By: Livingston

The Lucet Book

By: Ledrich

The Macrame Book

by: H. Bress

Magical Amulet Bag (beading)

By: Evans

Sling Braiding of the Andes

By: Cahlander

Split-ply Twining

By: V. Harvey

String Figures and How To.........

by: Jayne

Tassels: The Fanciful Embellishment

By: Welch

Tassel Making for Beginners

By: Taylor