Ashford Spinning Wheels

World-renowned, industry-standard spinning wheels. Made from New Zealand Silver Beech.
All models except the "JOY" and the "Electric Spinner" come as a kit to be assembled.
Hillcreek Fiber Studio can assemble in-stock kits for you for the indicated kit price plus 10%.

Call to inquire about used wheels 1-800-874-9328 (TRI-WEAV)

Ashford "JOY 2" Wheel - Single Treadle

Folding, portable

natural lacquer finish

Ashford "JOY 2" Wheel - Double Treadle

with Sliding Hook Flyer

folding, portable

natural lacquer finish

Ashford Traditional - Single Drive

Ashford Traditional - Double Drive

Ashford Elizabeth 2 Double Drive

The twelve-spoke wheel and intricate turnings are crafted from New Zealand Silver Beech

Ashford Country Spinner 2

Now with Double Treadle


Ashford Kiwi

Available as unfinished, or lacquered

Included accessories - Built-in lazy kate, 3 large 90mm (3½ins) bobbins, Threading hook, Learn to spin booklet.