Carol Leigh's Nature Dyed "Riata" 3-ply Yarn: Silk/kid mohair/merino wool

Nature Dyed "Riata" 3-ply Yarn

Carol Leigh uses a variety of natural dyes to create a
vibrant cornucopia of colors. These large skeins are 8 ounces and 375 yards. Each ply is a different fiber, and each fiber takes the dyes a little differently, thus sometimes offering a unique heathery appearance.
Natural White - $33 (Indicate white as desired color)
Nature-dyed - $53 (indicate desired color range)
Nature-dyed Pastels - $47 (indicate desired color range)
Natural dyed yarns are offered in every color imagined:  bright rainbow colors and color nuances to pastels and blended colors. Type in Desired Color Range, for example: bright red; light pink; turquoise blue; light or dark blue; olive, forest or grass green, etc. Most colors are kept in stock, however, special colors can be dyed to order and may take an extra week or more before shipping.