Sale during national spinning & weaving week

oct 5-11-2020

some items may still be on sale after spinning & weaving week - please call to inquire at

573-874-2233 or 1-800-tri-weav(1-800-874-9328)

Some items will be 40% off! This sale includes:

  • Nature Provides Dyes for Rainbows (hard cover version)
  • All cotton fibers
  • Fat loops for rugs
  • Used books
  • Magazines
  • Celtic Mist pattern
  • Weaving a Zoo Book by Amy Preckshot

We will also be having a 20% off sale on certain items:

  • Nature Provides Dyes for Rainbows by Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser (soft cover version)
  • All yarns
  • All other fibers
  • All books
  • All dyes/aids
  • Navajo Looms
  • DVD's
  • All handwoven items