Ashford Book of Carding

A Handspinner's Guide to Fibre Preparation

by: Jo Reeve

At the Humming of the Wheel

A Collection of Textiley-correct Fairy Tales

by: Paula Vester

Beginning Spinning

By: Vester

Bette Hochberg's Textile Articles

The Big Book of Flax

by: Christian & Johannes Zinzendorf

Construction Manual, No-Lathe Saxony-Style Spinning Wheel

by: Schneider

Creative Spinning

by: Daykin & Deane

Fiber Facts

by: Hochberg

A Fine Fleece: 26 Patterns for Handspun Yarn

by: L. Lloyd (HC)

Flax Craft in America, A Collection of Newsletters, 1993-1999

By: V. Handy

Fleece and Fiber Source Book

by: Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius

Hand Spinning and Natural Dyeing

by: Claire Boley

Hand Woolcombing and Spinning

by: Teal

Hands On Spinning

by: Raven


by: Hochberg

Handspinner's Handbook

by: Hochberg

High Whorling: A Spinner’s Guide to an Old World Skill

by: Gibson-Roberts

Learn to Spin Silk on a Top-Whorl Spindle

by: Ruth MacGregor

Projects for Alpaca and Llama

edited by: Chris Switzer

The Sheep Book

by: Ron Parker