Most listings are in DVD format only, some are available as a VHS Tape and a DVD, and those marked * are also available as VHS Tapes that qualify for a 20% discount on any units remaining in stock.

Advanced Tie-Dye Techniques, Making shapes & Mandalas

By: Rolofson


Continuous Strand Weaving on Rectangle Frame Looms - DVD

A NEW Hillcreek Fiber Studio "Workshop" Video - DVD (37 Min)

Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser, Instructor
Rose Brack-Kaiser, Videographer

Cotton Spinning Made Easy

By: Ruane


Cut Pile Rug Weaving

By: Duker


Double Weave

By: Barrett


Fabric Painting with Dyes on Silk & Cotton *

By: Crockett

VHS Tape, or DVD

Fiber Dyeing, Immersion & Painting of Protein Fibers

By: Menz


How I Spin

by: Buchanan

Navajo Weaving, Sharing the Technique & Tradition *

Maloney & Clark

VHS Tape, or DVD (3 Hours & 45 Minutes)


Redcorn Tours - Maya Highland Experence

Silk Fusion, Journal covers, greetings cards, scupture and more

By: Selk


Through the Eye of a Needle,

Stories from an Indian Desert

Maiwa Productions

Tie-Dye 101, the Basics of Making Exceptional Tie Dye

By: Rolofson


Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic for Shawls, Blankets, Jackets & More *

with Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser (89 Minutes)

Select: VHS Tape, or DVD Compact Disc

Tubular Woven Finishes, Backstrap Loom Technques *

By: Jacquetta Nisbet

Select VHS Tape, or DVD

Warping & Loom Preparation *

By: Guy

VHS Tape

Weave Drafting I, the Easy Way *

By: La Lena

VHS Tape (69 Minutes)